Earn from your art on NFT!

Are you wondering how $2.5 billion of art sales happened in just 5 months in 2021?

Why you need to be on NFT?

Challenges in the Art Market

Piracy/Forgery in Art world

Royalty for visual Artist

Provenance & inventory Management 

Lack of transparency

Reach to the world Art Market

But why?

When Art Meets Technology, Revolution Happens. Want To Know How? Technology, finding its way into the Art World

Explore the world of NFT(Non fungible tokens) Art with new age Art Technology for Artists, Photographers.

Say Yes to new age Digital Art Technology!! Say No to Piracy!

Why Jumbish? 

Jumbish Creations Pvt. Ltd. is an Art Tech organization. Apart from bridging the gap between the artists, connoisseurs, galleries and collectors, we use the latest technology like IoT and Block chain to overcome various challenges faced by artists like piracy, lack of royalty and long gestation periods. 

Our Mission: To Enhance the Visual Art World Leveraging Technology.
Join the exciting world of NFT Art and watch your artworks go global. 
Leave the hassles to us and indulge yourself into another beautiful creation

In the press!

The world is looking for Authenticated Art

NFT for Digital Assets

JDAT for Physical Art

Exciting Launch Offer

30 day money back guarantee after the launch

ZERO commissions on sale. Small admin charges for all resales

In Just $1 minting fees for 1 year

30 day money back guarantee after the launch

Special webinars every week for seamless NFT processing till final launch

Build fully with Block Chain technology 

Creating an Art and then finding an appreciator who can value the Art are two diametrically opposite entities. A creative creator seldom has an affinity to explore an Art Connoisseur. To me if Technology can bridge the gap between a Creator and an Art Appreciator by eliminating all secondary possibilities of Art Forgery, then it will be a boon. As i have known about NFT, yes i can surely say it's going to be the Future how Art will be transacted and communicated to people. All geographical boundaries will not matter and Real Art works can be securely availed by anyone and the experience is going to be real in the virtual world too. Also the possibility of Royalty can be ensured as the logic is inbuilt in the technology. It's just a choice which has to be made by the Artists or Stakeholders of Art.

M Narayan
Senior Artist

We have been practicing the conventional and successful approaches in fine arts which have its own benefits and challenges. However the Pandemic times have altogether changed the way showcasing of Art works has been existing. With the advent of NFT in the Art world it has introduced better and safer ways to connect with Art Connoisseurs globally. Issues which were beyond human abilities like differentiating an original artwork with its duplicate counterpart, maintenance of record over generations even ensuring Royalties for Artists, seems to have been getting some real solutions. When Technology is being successfully applied in all walks of life from Medical, Space, Sports etc. then there is no ambiguity as to why the same can not find its inclusion and acceptance for a bigger better cause in the art world.

Madhuri Bhaduri
Senior Artist


Level 1
Level 2
No payment required
One time payment18% GST will be applied
One time payment18% GST will be applied
For all art enthusiasts, this is the first step to getting associated with Jumbish
Suitable for those who would like to get in the NFT world
Suitable for Artists with large collections, galleries, museums, art consultants, curators etc: Leverage as inventory mgmt, provenance mgmt & authentication of art work
Artwork for display  
Unlimited (min 50)
NFT minting + Gas Price
JDAT Price 
Selective artwork visible 
Jumbish Admin charges on Sale of Paintings (in %)
No Commission
No Commision
Jumbish admin charges for re-sale of the same artwork
Artist Royalty on Re-sale 
JLE Selling (Max 10 editions)
Based on artist discretion
Based on Artist discretion
Based on the agreement with artist
Minimum Balance in Rupees
Minimum Balance in Dollars 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I pay $15 for an NFT account?

An entire transaction to create a crypto wallet for one artwork involves a lot of internet and digital terms which can be tedious for artists to pursue. There are different charges and especially high Gas charges which amount to almost $70 per artwork, when done on an individual basis. 

At Jumbish NFT, we help you create a crypto wallet with only $15 with additional benefits:

JDAT at 50% less the original cost only for those who registers!
Only $1 for each artwork exhibited online on our portal after launch!
30 day money back guarantee!

Can I sell multiple editions of my work?

Yes, you can sell multiple editions of your work, where the tokens would automatically get made for each edition and account for them accordingly.

Does this process give me all information about the sale and resale of my art?

Yes, It provides the whole history of the transactions on your art, with the royalties getting credited in your wallet for each transaction.

Is this process secure?

This is a new age digital process, where your artworks cannot be pirated or tampered with for purposes of sale, due to the combination of foolproof digital coding and the tamper proof authentication tag. 

Can the physical artwork be kept with the artist and its digital editions be sold?

Absolutely! As an artist, you can retain the physical artwork and sell its digital editions and get paid for each sold edition.

Is there a limit to the number of copies that can be sold of an original?

No, but larger the number of copies, the lesser the price you would fetch due to lack of scarcity of the said artwork. The lesser the access, more the value.

How is NFT used by the buyer?

In the physical artworld, the artist is required to furnish details of authenticity, which is presently done as a physical certificate. This process is simplified with the JDAT, which not only assures that the physical artwork is not used for piracy and forgery, but its provenance and financial transactions are managed digitally for foolproof royalties against each sale. This also automatically takes care of copyright protection for the artist.

Is it possible to have multiple owners of the same physical artwork?

Yes, but due to the immense legal framework involved, it is not advised presently. 


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